Dr. Bruce Handloff, D.C.


Reviews from the Web:

Rikard ‎ – Jan 8, 2012
After repeated muscle pain in my upper back, I went to Dr. Handloff to see what might be going on. After a week, my headaches are gone and I have restored full movement in my back and neck. It is an amazing recovery and an amazing personal discovery that something that had plagued me for quite a while could be resolved so fast and with such good results. Thanks!

Chris – Jan 7, 2012
The best chiropractor I’ve ever been to! Went to see Dr. Bruce Handloff after the urging of a friend who also sees him. I’ve had mixed experiences with other chiropractors. I’ve been to 5 other chiropractors in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area over the last 4 years, but Dr. Handloff is by far the best. He explained everything and made me feel at ease. My sciatica has been a problem for over 10 years, and Dr. Handloff fixed it in 2 weeks. He is very skilled and gentle. I’m very grateful I found Dr. Handloff.

Cyndi ‎ – Mar 25, 2011
I was initially a bit skeptical about chiropractic, but went to Dr. Bruce after being referred by a friend after an auto accident. I suffered severe headaches, neck and upper back spasms and pain for months, and was sick of taking medications and getting no relief. Now, my husband and I have gone to Dr. Bruce for a variety of old sports injuries and accidents over many years. His staff is always helpful and friendly, we can always get a quick appointment, and we’ve never had to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen. He is highly skilled and has the best bedside manner of any doctor I’ve seen. He always puts me at ease, explains everything, and the adjustment and muscle work he does is very comfortable. I appreciate the time he spends teaching me, demonstrating proper posture, exercises and stretches that help me to hold my adjustments. I never knew I could feel this good! I really love this doctor and highly recommend him. Thank you for all your help, Dr. Bruce.

C.B. ‎ – Sep 8, 2010
Teaches you to use your body right Bruce Handloff helped me understand the scans of my broken pelvis and busted disks due to a wasted driver hitting me and knocking me over. He was able to diminish the pain and make me understand what I should and should not do as far as self-rehab. And very affordable!

Neno ‎ – Jan 14, 2012
Very attentive office staff. Dr. Handloff was gentle and not rushed during my treatment; waiting until my body was relaxed enough before adjustment. He listen to my symptoms and concerns with patience. He also educated me about my body’s particular issues w/o condescension. I was much improved after a few sessions.

Matt P – Dec. 13, 2011

I found Dr. Handloff through my health insurance, and with just one review I decided to try him out.  I had terrible sciatica pain that was debilitating, and all my other doctor gave me was pain killers and muscle relaxers.  I walked into Dr. Handloff’s office in incredible pain, barely able to move my left leg, and left feeling 50% of normal.  I was immediately hooked.  Dr. Handloff recommended some key stretches for me to do on my own between sessions, and after a few more sessions I was feeling 90% of normal.  Now with regular stretching and his chiropractic care I am back to normal, my pain seems like a distant memory.  If you are suffering from sciatic pain and are in need of natural relief I highly recommend Dr. Handloff and his great team!